My boyfriend touched me while i was sleeping

I (F21) have been with my boyfriend (M25) which I meet on UK AFFAIR for about a month now, we have had sex quite a few times and I have slept over at his. I noticed that while I was sleeping he would grind on me throughout the night, I ignored it thinking it wasn’t that bad and he’s done it quite a few times, however last night I think he crossed the line as he started to finger me while I was asleep. I woke up but was still half asleep so instead of saying anything I moved hoping that he would stop, however he didn’t, and despite my lack of response and my moving he did it several times throughout the night. In the morning when I fully realised what had happened I kind of ignored him and went home, not wanting to talk about it straight away. I don’t know how to handle this, all I know is that I feel pretty disgusted- should I talk to him about it and give him another chance or just tell him and break up and I return on UK Affair and look for a new guy?

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